Working with Parasol Events, (specifically Laura-Ann Lewis) was the foundation for our successful wedding. We interviewed several other wedding planners along with Laura, but were immediately drawn to her. We could not have made a better decision!

Over the course of almost a year, Laura helped us (guided us, really!) in developing, planning, and ultimately executing our dream wedding! Laura is everything you want in a wedding planner, and more. She is meticulous, thorough, experienced, and has an incredible eye for detail. She has outstanding design sense and style, and can easily provide design guidance to match the individual client’s unique preferences. Early on, we brainstormed with Laura about our potential thoughts and ideas on design, and a few days later – Laura provided us with an “inspiration board” that completely captured the design we were going for (even though we weren’t sure what it was ourselves!) In addition, almost all the vendors we ultimately selected (florist, entertainment, photography) were per Laura’s recommendations – and they were outstanding! For the couple that didn’t know what we wanted, and didn’t know what we needed to do – Laura was perfect!

If that weren’t enough – Laura is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is extremely well-organized, and so easy to talk to! Laura always made herself available, and constantly invited us to contact her by e-mail or phone if we needed to (even when she went on vacation!) We never felt pressured or forced into anything. One of the most satisfying aspects of our wedding, was the fact that we had no regrets about any of our decisions! This was a testament to Laura’s outstanding planning, because we had all the time and information to explore every possible option – from our venue, to our entertainment, to our menu, to our design!

About one month from our wedding date, the venue that we had selected for our wedding changed ownership overnight. The “Waikiki EDITION” hotel, formerly owned and operated by Marriott, suddenly became the “Modern Honolulu,” and was now operated by Aqua Resorts. This, of course, caused us a great deal of concern, as we weren’t sure what this meant for our wedding! Laura expertly handled the situation, immediately contacting the new management and confirming our wedding was still intact! She even made some calls and tentatively prepared a plan B at a different hotel, in the event that we needed to switch venues!

When it comes down to it – we placed our complete trust and faith in Laura and essentially asked her to tell us what we needed to do to make our dream wedding a reality. Laura went above and beyond our expectations, and we could not have done it without her!”

Joanne & Garret
Bride and Groom October 16, 2011
Modern Honolulu
Full Wedding Planning